Afew Store Re-Opening

by 2woLetterz


Düsseldorf (Germany) based Afew Sneakerstore plans to re-open its doors after a series of upgrades over the past few weeks. The major renovation has been a glow-in-the-dark floor put into place, not only to attract customers to the go-to sneaker shop, but to hosts a variety of events, as well.

Along with the re-opining, the Afew family has put together a party to celebrate the re-up, which will take place this Saturday the 16th. Nike Sportswear will have a special Air Max 1 exhibit in house as well as other attractions and, of course, a live DJ. So if we have any German-based readers out there, we suggest you hit that up. But if not, be sure to check out Afew’s site and cop some fresh. Hit the jump for additional imagery.