MCM Satellite Store Berlin

by 2woLetterz

Despite associations with the fashion-oriented hip hop crowd, German luxury leather goods brand MCM (which stands for Mode Creation Munich) has been around since Taz Arnold was a kid. Founded in 1976, the brand has always been oriented towards global travel and boundary-pushing interpretations of more classic modes of transporting goods. Despite a significant influx of modern design in the brand, their logo of beribboned laurel leaves represents King Ludwig I’s passion for the neoclassical, referring back to the Ancient Greek icon for victory. MCM’s latest satellite store in Berlin showcases a significant range of accessories including some traditional bags, outlandish backpacks, monogrammed iPod cases, wallets and more. Filling an interesting niche between heritage and contemporary streetwear design, MCM’s latest slew of offerings is definitely worth checking out for those in Berlin.

MCM Satellite Store Berlin
Torstrasse 114
10119 Berlin