2woLetterz – Chasing Dead People EP

by 2woLetterz


2woLetterz. Who Betta? You tell me. This up and coming rapper from Chicago’s south side is making a move on the hip hop scene. Name pronounced two letters. Going back, back into time with the golden age of hip hop. Throwing darts at skinny jean wearers. His influences are Nas, 2 PAC, Biggie, and Lupe Fiasco. Listen, and you tell me who betta?

1. Your Needs [Intro]
2. The INTROduction
3. Hold Nothin’ Back
4. Say That Shit
5. Losin’ You [HipHop]
6. Who Betta?
7. Raised Around That [Interlude]
8. 25 To Life
9. 2woLetterz&HipHop [The Marriage]