Drake Calls Jay-Z’s 9/11 Concert “Legendary Shit”

by 2woLetterz

“Nurse…Bring me my pills and some of that goody, some ginger ale with ice, and dim the lights…HOV is live at the Garden!,” he wrote Friday night. “SANTI!!!!! CUDDER!!!!!!!! thats my bro!!! Yeezy spazzzin!!!! My nurse telling me quiet down…I’m rapping as if I’m there and sh*t Mary still got it She’s dancing like they just wrapped shooting on the rooftop with Meth…feel me? I’mma do my verse from right here!! Hudson voice too ill But I prolly will when Hov does…real shit. Is that the Forever drums? lol Legendary shit…to all, to each, a fair good-night, and pleasing dreams, and slumbers light.” (Drake’s Twitter)